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About Darkarnival

My name is Felicia, also known as Darkarnival Butler :)

I'm a Canadian master cosplayer from Quebec City. I currently own a baccalaureate in visual arts and I'm also a part-time character designer. Even if costuming has been part of my life since my childhood, my interest for this hobby really began to bloom when I've discovered about cosplay and conventions. My biggest dream at that time was to be an artist and a performer. Cosplay allowed me to achieve those two goals, but now that I'm in it for so long, my wish is to bring it to the next level. My dearest dream today would be to become a full-time cosplayer, to be recognized for my work and to inspire people through the passion I treasure since 2011.

My favorite fictional characters to portray are those who I can relate to from their personality and life experience. I also enjoy to perform as characters whose personality and attitude complete mine. They are characters that I love and admire, and some of them are almost like role models for me. I really would like to inspire people to cosplay whoever they want no matter their gender, age, body type, height, skin tone, etc. This has always been my principal cosplay value.

From the very beginning, I have been an autodidact costume maker and a dedicated cosplay performer. I've competed in many cosplay compétitions and I've also won several awards and honors in Canada and the USA. The most prestigious of them all was without a doubt to co-represent Canada at the World Cosplay Summit 2016 Championship in Nagoya (JPN) which was an unexpected dream come true for me!

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